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Protect all your ASINs from one easy to use

IP Alerts provides 24/7 monitoring of your listings and alerts you as soon as any of your ASINs are flagged as High Risk which could cause a suspension.

High Risk Brands are companies who have already taken action against sellers for listing their items without the required permission. Sellers who receive IP notifications often have their ASINs and account suspended for repeat offences.

If you receive an alert that says your ASIN has been flagged as a high risk you can take the appropriate action. If you have the necessary permission to sell the item then great make sure you have it to hand ready to send to Amazon should it be requested. If you don’t have permission you may want to remove the listing.

Which marketplaces do we cover?,,,,,,,,,,

Further marketplaces coming soon.

The software checks all the listing information for brands including the title, photos, description and bullet points. Amazon sellers are at risk from Brands

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IP-Alerts Pricing

Per Month

Protecting Your Products and ASINS from Intellectual Property Violations

What’s Included?
  • Single User Licence
  • 24/7 Instant Email Alerts
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Unlimited Marketplaces
  • Customer Support

Peace of Mind for Your Amazon Business

We are the only service that will monitor your Amazon listing. Receive the alerts that are most important to you, and customize which staff member gets what alerts. Get setup with ip-alerts in 5 minutes or less at just £25 per month!

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Powerful, Flexible Tracking

Select which types of changes to
track, per product.



Clothing Superstore

“We could not be happier with IP Alerts, they are always on hand to speak to you and answer any queries, this has been great.”


AQKS Seller UK

“Excellent software is a must for any serious seller on Amazon. If you're new to Amazon looking to launch your first product, I highly recommend.”


Little Ratbag

“I’ve been looking for this for years and now I’ve found it! It’s essential for any Amazon sellers who use the platform to drop ship.”


Custom Apparel

“This is one of the best tools I have used. Its always updated with latest brands to equip Amazon sellers to combat the evolving IP minefield!”


Dropship UK

“IP Alerts is simply amazing with all that it can do. I wish I had known about and signed up at the beginning of my Amazon career, before launching my first drop ship store. It would have saved me many costly mistakes.”


Great Amazon Seller

“Absolutely the best product on the market for dealing with intellectual property issues as a seller on Amazon!”


Buttermill Sales

“Exactly what I've been looking for, no more ASIN suspensions for me!!!”


Zebra Sales

“Wow I never knew there were so many problem brands. Always good to know which products to avoid selling.”



“The tool is great I’m a new drop ship seller in the market launching my first products and the tool helps a lot.”


Charm Boy

“It is an excellent tool to achieve the best protection of your seller account on Amazon. It allows you to quickly view all the essential data to know if the products are going to cause a suspension.”

Frequently Asked Questions

£25 per month, this is a Pay as You Go service and there is no contract, it covers unlimited ASINs and can be used across all marketplaces.

No, there is no minimum contract it is a Pay as You Go service on a rolling month agreemnent. Should you wish to cancel you can do so at anytime.

Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

No, you can include as many ASINs as you like all for a fixed fee of £25 per month.

It covers both existing and new ASINs.